Finn Laurens web site refresh

A small job but a pleasing one nonetheless, we delivered a new site recently. Based in South West London, Finn Laurens specialises in personnel recruitment and the provision of temporary personnel for Accounting and Financial Management positions.

Despite being a dynamic company, reactive to the changing demands in this challenging business environment, Finn Laurens had nonetheless allowed its web site to ossify – largely because of the difficulties of maintaining and updating the jobs featured on the site and the lack of in-house IT resources. It was  time for a refresh and to incorporate new efficiencies in workload processing. Andy Hardy, partner at Finn Laurens summarised: “in order to update our vacancies we had to maintain an offline HTML page using Word and then use FTP to perform a wholesale replacement. It worked, but it was fiddly to manage and was prone to errors. And whilst we thought we were happy with most of the text content, the design was looking jaded.

Andy was referred to Coders through personal recommendation. We created new imaging, whilst maintaining Finn Laurens’s main corporate design elements, to create a new site that not only presented a fresher face to clients and candidates, but provides Finn Laurens staff with new productivity tools.  Andy Hardy: “each of our consultants can now load and edit the vacancies they’re personally responsible for, candidates can apply directly via the site ensuring that we gather the key information we require, submissions are routed to the right consultant for review and can be shared amongst the Finn Laurens management for input. Coders were great to work with: they listened to what we thought we wanted, made relevant suggestions (most of which we adopted) and then took the job away to work on.  They maintained a good feedback loop with us whilst they worked on the design elements so when they made their initial delivery there were no nasty surprises – and a few pleasant ones. They were great to work with, and very cost-effective.”

You can see the  Finn Laurens site at

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